About PLTfx


PLTfx is a systematic FX trading & funds management boutique with core expertise in global foreign exchange markets. From its genesis in the early summer of 2010, in a real time & transparent trading environment, PLTfx has demonstrated a consistent approach to deploying, preserving and profiting from risk capital in the global FX markets. 


The PLTfx Team has developed automated execution strategies premised on their profitable discretionary proprietary trading patterns. From September 2014 PLTfx took the strategic decision to migrate their managed trading services from multi strategy discretionary to a fully automated programme trading model. The decision to make the augmentation to a fully automated approach was based on the ability of the PLTfxAlgo to trade 24/5 in all market conditions with a consistent logic and enhanced dynamic risk management rules that are automatically applied to best deliver alpha whilst moderating downside volatility. 


In it's next genesis, the PLTfx team will continue to tirelessly work on enhancing and developing new algorithmic models in a quest to push performance parameters to their peak. Through PLTmirroredFX the team will work closely with Investors dedicated to delivering consistent risk adjusted returns via their multi strategy discretionary trading activity


Due to client demand PLTfx also offer PLTradingAdvisory a real time trade alert service based on daily & intraday trading patterns. Through the PLTpatternPrograme serious traders are offered the oppotunity to work directly with the PLTeam to learn the specific trading patterns and process that have underpinned the past six years of PLTfx trading success.



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