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The multi asset PLTFXAlgo is an opportunity to tap into the collaboration of the PLTFX proprietary trading patterns and artificial intelligence-based learning that has delivered the powerful PLTFXAlgo. The core model has been rigorously backtested with a data sample in excess of 20,000 trades over a ten year timeframe, delivering consistent compounded returns, as evidenced below in the backtest data. (Click images to enlarge)

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Screenshot 2022-03-22 at 12.29.47.png

Traders are offered multiple ways to interact with the core PLTFX model. Through the PLTFXAlgo app, developed to deliver total trader control, traders have the ability to personally select which markets they would like to trade choosing from a cross section of asset classes: Equity Indices, FX, Commodities & Crypto markets. Importantly, the core PLTFXAlgo model does not use martingale or grid strategies, each trade is a pending order with a predefined stop and profit target. Each trade, trades to either its profit target or stop. 


In the Trader Development Mode, traders can choose what markets they want to trade, what timeframes, stop loss and take profit preferences, overall objectives such as highest profit or highest win rate, traders can independently define risk settings and importantly, rapidly backtest their independent parameters on historical price data and run paper trading forward tests before taking their algo live, the PLTFXAlgo app provides the ability to manage each traders independant algo in a discretionary or automated execution mode.


The PLTFXAlgo app allows traders to monitor positions in real time with a live chart access. Traders are also able to access chart snapshots for all closed trades providing total trading transparency.

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