Is our investor orientated solution designed for those investors who don't have the time or requisite knowledge to monitor and manage meaningful risk capital in the foreign exchange markets.


The PLTmanagedFX account is hosted via a brokerage relationship with strictly segregated client fund accounts maintained by an NYSE listed entity, managed account investors grant account execution authority, the PLTeam have no direct drawing rights on these accounts and there are no 'gate' agreements, meaning clients may withdraw trading privileges at their own discretion and without notice.


In introducing PLTfmanagedFX, the PLTeam have developed and bring to market a solution which takes advantage of automated execution systems premised on PLTfx proprietary trading patterns, these systematic market approaches have been rigorously tested to deliver risk adjusted returns with a keen focus on managing downside volatility whilst facilitating consistent upside equity development. 


PLTmanagedFX has a minimum account deposit requirement of $50,000 with a reduced performance levied on accounts with an initial deposit greater than $250,000


If you are interested in becoming a PLTmanagedFX client or would like to receive copies of verified trading statements for this fund please mail

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