The secret to PLTfx's long term success (this being the sixth year that we have publicly shared our trades), is that we never waver from rigorously adhering to our trading plan and process. This discipline is really what we at PLTfx deem to be the Holy Grail of Trading!


We have received many requests over the years to offer a One on One Mentorship programme whereby a trader can spend time one on one learning the price patterns that PLTfx track and trade in the market. The graduates of our 2015 class have been delighted with the process and their subsequent trading results!


Due to the success of the 2015 PLTpatternProgram, we are once again opening up the program. This will be a One on One program that will be delivered via tailored skype sessions. Sessions will comprehensively cover the topics and components that are essential to building a lasting and successful trading career, 


We are offering places for prospective PLTpatternTraders off all experience levels. Acceptance to the programme will be on an application and interview to align suitability and objectives. For more information please mail