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The Story So Far...

PLTFX is a systematic trading boutique with core expertise in global foreign exchange and futures markets.

From its genesis in the early summer of 2010, in a real time & transparent trading environment, PLTFX has demonstrated a consistent approach to deploying, preserving and profiting from risk capital in the global financial markets. 

The PLTFX team have developed automated execution strategies premised on their robust and consistent discretionary, proprietary trading patterns. PLTFX have taken the strategic decision to migrate their trading from multi-strategy discretionary to a fully automated, programme trading model. The decision to make the augmentation to a fully automated approach was based on the ability of the PLTFXAlgo to trade 24/6 in all market conditions, with consistent logic and enhanced dynamic risk management rules, that are automatically applied to best deliver alpha, whilst moderating downside volatility. 

In its next genesis, PLTFX is releasing its core PLTFXAlgo multi-asset models via the PLTFXAlgo App. These models will be offered to traders as a development function which will allow traders to independently develop the core strategy and to tailor and test it to suit their own trading requirements. The core PLTFXAlgo model is accessed by the PLTFXAlgo app, learn more and access your free trial here.

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